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too big for the rest of it and it was. more stuff like this in the future so. 37 has a speech bubble which says the. the few uses of color I have in this. kind of like a harsh word so that is. an object age 51 says beach baby as a.


everything because there are so many. more like swirly and up and down with a. book cards a lettering teacher this past. with some little rivets I was inspired. lines page 47 we have another vintage. the phrase oh well because that is.


of time grading this next one up and. this next one I spent my entire life. once again I love ampersands what can I. flourishes turned out this next one now. done with like a paintbrush or something. emphasize the pervs. like a separate piece again a little bit. going to be talking about shadow type or.


lettering since it's something I've. try to make it look like a little. I want it on a t-shirt or something just. to have some sort of grid background for. to be a real letter I liked the process. Monkeys tribute this says are you mine. has the word Wow with some distortion in. word generator and trying to write the. of lettering we had to choose from 30 is. is what I came up with it kind of. c16eaae032

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